Online Casinos v/s. Land-based Casinos-The Major Differences

Since the invention of the Internet and the various online casino websites, gambling enthusiasts are in a fix. The reason being that though playing online saves a lot of time and energy for travelling; being in a land-based casino has the thrill of being in a casino. While many players have shifted to an online set-up, there are some loyalists who still go to the land-based casinos for playing the game.

Here are some major differences between the two casinos. 

  • You have a lot of options when it comes to playing online casino games. There are numerous websites that offer hundreds of different kinds of games such as slots, roulette, blackjack and more. Hence, you will never be out of choice. On the contrary, in a land-based casino, there will be a limited choice for you. Hence, if you get bored easily, it is easier to switch websites than changing the casino.

  • You will get a first-time deposit bonus with an online casino website for playing games. You might not get that in some of the land-based casinos. You can add some more money to the already existing amount and play with a double income.

  • You can save up a lot of time and money in just travelling to the land-based casino. What you might miss in the online world is the excitement and glamour of being in a land-based casino where you will find people chattering and having fun. Hence, once in a while it is okay to let your hair down and go to the casino. But more often than not, playing in the convenience of your home is also much preferred. Sometimes you just need some peace and quiet after a long day at work.

  • If you are an amateur, an online casino will let you play certain games for free for a limited period of time. Isn’t that cool? So, if you need some practice and you want to get the hang of a particular game, you can always play for free. It is helpful since you will initially make a lot of mistakes. Might as well make them when money is not at stake. An online casino will give you that option, but a land-based casino will not. Hence, practice online before joining the bandwagon of the land-based casino games.

  • Nowadays, slots have a random number generator installed in all the machines. Hence, there is no way to figure out which slot machine is loose and which is not in a land-based casino. It goes the same way with online slots. You will never get to know which symbols will appear next as nothing is planned. It largely depends on luck and some of the tactics that you use.

  • As far as convenience is concerned, I think playing in the comfort of your home is well-preferred than going to a land-based casino. You do not even have to wait for your turn to come. All you have to do is login and start having fun.